How Do You Prune Avocado Trees?

How Do You Prune Avocado Trees?

How Do You Prune Avocado Trees?

Pruning is unnecessary to encourage avocado production, but most gardeners prune to keep the tree at a manageable height for harvesting. Gather pruning shears, white latex paint, water, a paint brush and a glass jar or small bowl for this process, which takes about 30 minutes. A small amount of pruning is appropriate throughout the season, but make major cuts immediately after the fruit sets to avoid trimming new growth.

  1. Trim suckers

    Suckers are thin, small stems that appear near the base of the tree. Cut these spindly stems off at their base.

  2. Prune shoots

    Shoots appear on the branches, and they grow directly upward. Trim the shoots at their base to encourage the tree to grow wider rather than taller.

  3. Trim branches

    Prune away any dead branches and those that cross other branches. Make symmetrical cuts to avoid excess fruit production on one side of the tree. Trim the top branches so they are easy to reach, and thin out enough top and interior branches to allow sunlight to reach the tree's lower section.

  4. Protect the cuts

    Mix 1/4 cup each of white latex paint and water in a glass jar or small bowl. Use a paint brush to apply the mixture to the cut edges. This protects the pruned branches from sunburn.