How Do You Protect Roses From the Chinese Beetle?


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University of Hawaii Master Gardner Program recommends several methods for protecting roses from Chinese beetles. Shining a bright light for a few hours at dusk on the roses, or manually picking the beetles off the roses and dropping them into a detergent mixture provides some protection. Young plants benefit from a wire cage with a shade barrier surrounding the plant. Honolulu Rose Society says that "Sevin" dust temporarily repels beetles.

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Beetle traps may also have an impact. Beetle traps are mounted on a pipe, with a solar light on top. A bowl rests underneath the light, filled with a mixture of water and detergent. The beetles are attracted to the light and fall into the water, where they are unable to recover due to the soap. The trap works better on small gardens, or in areas with a limited number of beetles.

Chinese rose beetles eat rose leaves between the veins, leaving behind a lace-like pattern. They hide in the soil or under leaves during the day, coming out in the first few hours after dusk to feed. They feed in groups and enjoy munching on over 250 different varieties of plants. The adult Chinese beetle can be identified by its reddish brown color. It is small, reaching only 1/2 inch long.

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