How Do You Protect Your Home From EMP?


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To protect your home from electromagnetic pulse or EMP, you need to shield your electronics inside a Faraday cage. Also, ensure that all your electronics are sufficiently grounded and that they have a surge protector.

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How Do You Protect Your Home From EMP?
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The Faraday cage is a simple metal box that diverts and soaks up the electromagnetic pulse. It shields its contents against electromagnetic waves. It is ideal because it is made of metal, which is a good conductor of electricity. Furthermore, electromagnetic waves are attracted to metal. When the electromagnetic pulse reaches the home, the Faraday cage will stop the electromagnetic energy from destroying all electronics. When using a Faraday cage, use insulation to ensure that the equipment you are protecting does not touch the cage and that there are no holes in the Faraday cage.

You can also harden your electronic equipment using an ovonic threshold device. This device opens a path to the ground when an electronic device receives a massive EMP surge. Other ways to harden equipment include use of Zener diodes, loop antennas and induction shielding around components. It is also wise to ground individual electrical devices.

You may protect your entire home by wrapping your rooms entirely with aluminum or copper foil. After wrapping the floor, ceiling and walls, cover them with false wood in order to insulate everything inside from the electromagnetic pulse.

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