How Do You Protect an Antique Desk When Moving?


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To protect an antique desk when moving, stabilize loose joints, clean the desk, remove drawers, wrap it with blankets or bubble wrap, and keep it dry. Don't stack other items on top of the desk in the moving van.

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Any loose or wobbly joints on the desk decrease its integrity and increase the risk of damage during the move. Inspect the legs, shelves and drawers of the desk to look for damage that needs repaired. Once you know the desk is stable, dust the wood.

A layer of bubble wrap or a thick blanket protects the antique desk while you load it and during the transport. Contents of the moving van may shift while driving, which means another item could fall or slide into the desk, risking dings or other damage. Wrap the padding securely around the desk without wrapping it so tightly that it damages the desk. Tape the padding in place without letting the tape stick to the desk itself.

When you're ready to load the desk, have at least two people lift the desk. Lift from the bottom of the desk instead of lifting its top, which could cause the top to break. Never drag the desk, as this could break or scratch the legs. Prevent water or moisture from coming into contact with the desk, as the moisture can damage the wood.

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