What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Sharp Microwave?


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Pros of using a Sharp microwave include faster cooking, automatic sensor cooking that detects food types and sets cooking times automatically, and innovative features such as the microwave drawer. Cons include loud noise during operation, a faulty timer and a defective control panel that breaks down after a few uses.

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Different Sharp microwave models are fitted with different features and may therefore have differing pros and cons. One of the pros of using a Sharp microwave is the preset options that allow users to cook different foods without making any settings adjustment. Several models are fitted with one-touch coffee and popcorn preset cooking options that are easy to use.

Another benefit of using a Sharp microwave is the convenient sensor cooking feature that automatically sets cooking times, depending on the type of food. This feature saves time and is especially useful for defrosting and softening meats. The microwave drawer innovation by Sharp is unique and eliminates the need to place a microwave on the countertop.

One of the cons of using a Sharp microwave is the inefficient control panel that is difficult to use. According to reviews on Amazon.com, the R551ZS model has a faint display panel that is difficult to use in low lighting. This model produces loud noise while cooking and has a beeper that is difficult to control. Some users have also complained about the microwave's short life span and the need for constant repair.

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