What Are Some Pros and Cons of the Sanborn Compressor?


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The Sanborn range of air compressors offer high performance at low operating costs, but they are no longer manufactured, as Coleman Powermate acquired the company in 1994. Therefore, it is no longer possible to get a new Sanford compressor, or replacement parts, as subsequent Coleman Products have replaced them.

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Suppliers of used and reconditioned Sanford compressors, especially the Black Max air compressor, note the versatility it gives to the do-it-yourselfer. The Black Max air compressor was once the flagship product from the Sanborn Manufacturing Company, is easy to install, and generates quality and clean compressed air. The unit also consumes significantly less power compared to other air compressors, as well as being easy to maintain.

However, after the discontinuation of Sanborn air compressors, it's relatively hard to find replacement parts for most Sanford air compressors. Places where the parts are still available only offer replacement parts for the Black Max air compressor. As a result, owners of Sanborn air compressors are often frustrated when their units require maintenance or repair. For instance, it is quite the challenge to find an oil regulator for any Sanborn air compressor apart from the Black Max air compressor.

Coleman Powermate replaced the Sanborn range of products with their own, making it nearly impossible to buy a new Sanborn air compressor. Today, only old or used Sanborn compressors are available. Also note that it is relatively hard to find a manual for most Sanborn air compressors, apart from the Black Max model, making it quite difficult to maintain and repair such models.

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