What Are the Pros and Cons of an Oversized Dish Drainer?


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Some pros of an oversized dish drainer include having lots of space for wet dishes to dry and having a dish drainer with fewer tiny nooks to clean. Some cons include the dish drainer taking up a lot of counter space and being hard to store because of its size. Double-decker dish drainers with two levels have the room of a large drainer while taking up a smaller space on the counter.

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Large dish drainers give individuals the room they need to wash a lot of dishes of different types and place them on the drainer without drying in between loads. They also provide room for large items, such as pans and mixing bowls, to drain. Small dish drainers fit in very small places and are easy to tuck away when they are not in use. Some even fit right in the sink for easy drainage without the need for a drain board.

The biggest con of large drainers is that they reduce the amount of counter space available for food prep and storing other items. One alternative is a large collapsible or folding dish drainer that flattens or folds for storage when it is not in use. These types of drainers only take up counter space temporarily so that individuals still retain food prep space at other times.

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