What Are Some Pros and Cons of Mesh Outdoor Furniture?

Pros and cons of using outdoor mesh furniture include the low cost as a pro and the lack of comfort as a con. Though the comfort level isn't necessarily low when compared to other materials such as leather or cushions, mesh doesn't support the body well.

Another pro of mesh outdoor furniture is the ventilation that the furniture provides. Plastic and metal furniture can be uncomfortable when it is hot outside, and this can promote sweating and stickiness. With mesh furniture, however, the air flows naturally through the back of the sofa or chair making them more comfortable.

Though mesh chairs are affordable and provide ventilation, choosing this option may limit the style and design options. There are many outdoor furniture styles on the market, but mesh outdoor furniture tends to be the most difficult to locate.

Another consideration of choosing a mesh outdoor seating set is the quality. Though these chairs are quite affordable when compared to other types of outdoor seating options, the quality may not be as high. The mesh, for instance, may degrade over time due to the elements, and the frame that supports the mesh often contains materials, such as thin metal, that can bend or break with force.