What Are the Pros and Cons of Laminate Vs. Granite Kitchen Countertops?


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The main pro of laminate countertops is that they are inexpensive, while the pro of granite countertops is that they are extremely tough and can last longer than the home. The primary con of laminate countertops is that they can be scratched and stained easily, and the con of granite countertops is their expense.

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Laminate countertops can also resist scratching and burns and are durable to a degree. They also come in a great variety of colors, patterns and finishes to match any decor. Laminate countertops are also easy to keep clean. The cons are they can be scratched and stained; if a laminate countertop is deeply burned or cut, it can be impossible to repair in a way that's not expensive. The seams of laminate countertops can also show, and if water gets into the seams, the countertop can swell.

Granite resists heat and so is excellent for making pastry. The stone also comes in an array of colors that can complement kitchen decor. The cons are that granite is porous and needs to be sealed to guard against staining and etching by acids and alkalines. It is possible to crack a granite countertop, and repairing it can be expensive. Granite will almost invariably break or crack glass or ceramicware that is dropped on it.

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