What Are Some Pros and Cons of Jumbo Outlet Covers?


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One of the positive aspects of jumbo outlet covers is that builders can use them to cover improperly-sized outlet holes or damaged drywall. However, many people feel that large covers do not look as attractive as standard sized ones, and they can look especially bad if they do not match the rest of the covers in a room.

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Contractors can use jumbo-sized outlet covers to add accents to a room, but most often they are used to hide imperfections in drywall. In some cases, jumbo covers are the best solution to drywall problems due to irregularities in a room's design or furnishings. Another pro of jumbo covers is that they leave more room for complicated wiring. In some cases, jumbo outlet covers can help make an oversized room look more in proportion than standard covers.

One con of using a jumbo cover to hide wall damage is that it can disrupt the uniform appearance of a room's outlets. Builders who wish to achieve a uniform look must then replace all of the outlet covers with jumbo covers. However, in spite of this problem, jumbo covers are an economical way to deal with a damaged wall or a section of a room that has an oddly-placed electrical outlet due to architectural design. They are a quick fix that spares homeowners the time and labor of replacing a large section of drywall or granite.

Companies such as SwitchHits.com and The Home Depot offer plastic and metal jumbo plates in a number of configurations. KylesSwitchplates.com offers jumbo covers in different shapes to address a variety of design challenges.

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