What Are Some Pros and Cons of Installing an Air Bathtub?


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A positive of air-jetted bathtubs is that users can use aromatherapy soaps, oils and salts in the bath, while a negative is that the jets may not be as forceful as water jets are, states DoItYourself.com. Air-jetted bathtubs are also typically less expensive than water-jetted tubs because the pump and tubing components are not as intricate.

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Air-jetted bathtubs are easier to clean than water-jetted tubs because the jets force air into the tub so that water does not remain in the tubes after use, states DoItYourself.com. Water left in the tubes can promote bacteria and mold growth, which can be difficult to clean. Some models allow users to adjust which jets are turned on so that they can use all of the jets at once or target specific areas.

Because water does not enter the tubes, consumers can also use aromatherapy salts, soaps and oils in the tub. Air-jetted bathtubs typically also feature more jets that water-jetted tubs, and the units are typically less expensive than water-jetted models. Cleaning and maintenance is usually easier in air jets than it is in water-jetted tubs.

Another negative for air-jetted bathtubs is that they are not typically as powerful as water-jetted tubs are, even though they feature more jets overall. These tubs use an air compressor rather than a central pump like water-jetted tubs do.

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