What Are the Pros and Cons of Front-Load and Top-Load Washing Machines?


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There are pros and cons to both top-load and front-load washing machines. Depending on how much space is available, how much laundry needs to be done and other factors, a consumer may prefer one choice over the other.

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Front-load washing machines are good for tight spaces as they are stackable. They have a larger load capacity, so bulky items fit and more things can be washed at a time. Front-load washers have more features and settings than top-load washers. They are the most efficient since their wash cycle uses less water, and high-spin speed extracts more moisture from the clothes, cutting down on drying time.

The cons of front-loads is that they can be more expensive to purchase. They can also be quite noisy if not balanced on the floor. Wash cycles take up to 30 minutes longer and musty smells often get trapped in the detergent bin and washtub due to the design.

Top-load washers do not have as many settings as front-load varieties, but clothes can be added at anytime during a wash cycle. The operator does not have to bend over to add or remove clothing. There is minimal vibration, musty odors are less common and they cost less to purchase. On the down side, top-load washers are not stackable, leave clothes a little wetter after the spin cycle due to the design and may not accommodate bulky items.

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