What Are Some Pros and Cons of Buying Furniture on EBay?


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One of the pros of buying furniture on eBay is that the buyer can find items on eBay that he may not be able to find anywhere else, according to About.com. However, one of the cons of buying furniture on eBay is that shipping is very expensive due to the weight and dimensions of the furniture. Additionally, handcrafted furniture is particularly susceptible to damage during shipping.

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Ebay allows buyers to narrow down their searches to local sellers with its advanced search options. This allows buyers to both inspect the item in person and to drive it back to their house without paying any exorbitant shipping costs.

One of the cons of shopping for furniture on eBay is that the seller may not immediately provide the information the buyer wants. The buyer should have access to multiple photos of the furniture to confirm its materials, workmanship and overall quality before making a purchase.

An attraction of buying furniture on eBay is that buyers may be able to find better prices for furniture than they can find anywhere else. When buying furniture on eBay, the buyer should carefully inspect the product for any potential damage before accepting the shipment and immediately notify the shipper and seller of such damage.

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