What Are Some Pros and Cons of Acrylic Glassware?


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Some pros of acrylic glassware include its durability and lighter weight than glass of a similar size and thickness, but its cons include a tendency to split, causing fine lines to appear throughout the surface of the glass and possible leakage. While acrylic glassware shares a similar type of transparency with glass, it does not have the glossiness of real glass and is prone to spotting.

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The primary benefit of acrylic glassware is its resiliency, which allows it to withstand rough handling and hot foods. It is UV-resistant, and exposure to sunlight does not cause shattering, fading or discoloration. It offers the convenience of plastic in a form that is reusable and recyclable. Acrylic glassware comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colors, and does not lose its color over time. However, it cannot withstand cleaning with abrasive items and has a tendency to chip easily with accidental dropping.

Acrylic glassware is resistant to most commonly used chemicals, but dishwasher cleaning agents and exposure to the high heat of a dishwasher can cause splitting of its surface. It is also best to avoid using it in a microwave. If it is necessary to remove sticker residue from acrylic glassware, a good option is vegetable oil. Nail polish remover or similar cleaning products can damage the surface of acrylic products.

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