How Do You Properly Wire a Toro?


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Connect one wire from each valve solenoid to the white wire using a wire nut, and connect each remaining wire of each solenoid to a different-colored wire using a wire nut so there are three wires connected to the white wire and one wire connected to each colored wire. Connect the other end of the white wire to the C or COM output terminal of the timer, and connect each colored wire to a different numbered terminal.

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Use multi-wire sprinkler cable, and run it alongside the sprinkler pipe. This cable has different colored wires and one white wire known as the common wire. The number of valve solenoids the sprinkler contains must be equal to the number of different colored wires the cable has unless an expansion is planned at a later point in time. Use 18-gauge wire if the cable must run less than 800 feet. Use 14-gauge wire if the distance is greater than that.

Start by running the sprinkler cable from the timer to the valve location, and loop 6 inches of wire from each valve to prevent binding. Wire nuts must be bought separately, and grease caps must be installed with wire splices to prevent corrosion and connection failures.

The colored wires must be connected to the numbered terminals in the home owner's desired order. This order determines the way the sprinkler operates during a watering cycle. Use the manual control feature of the timer to test the sprinkler system, and make sure the valve opens within 5 seconds and closes in a slow manner within 60 seconds.

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