How Do You Properly Wire a L14 30 Plug?

To properly wire a L14 30 plug, expose the bare wires on the four color-coded wiring for the plug, loosen the screws of the terminals, and insert the wires into the appropriate terminals. Finally, tighten all the terminal screws.

To expose the bare wires that are to be connected to the plug, pull out approximately 3/8 inch of the wire insulation using a pair of wire strippers. Using a screwdriver with a flat head, loosen the screws of the terminals for the wires. Note that the screws are located next to the terminals.

Next, insert the four bare wires into the terminals as per the color codes. That is, insert the exposed end of the green wire into the terminal with a green-colored screw. This is the ground terminal, which is present at the base of the plug's face. Similarly, insert the white wire into the terminal with a screw in silver color. This is the neutral terminal, which is positioned at the top of the face of the plug.

Push the remaining two wires into the remaining two terminals, designated as the hot terminals of the plug. These terminals are interchangeable and are present on the sides of the face of plug. The hot terminals use screws in brass or gold colors and their two corresponding wires are black in color. Alternatively, one of the hot terminal wires may be red and the other black in color.