How Do You Properly Set up a Dinner Table?

To set a dinner table, provide a plate topped with a napkin at each place setting. Place forks on the left of the plate, and knives on the right. Put glasses above and to the right of the plate, and bread and butter plates above and to the left.

The water glass sits above the dinner knife, with a glass for white wine on its right and a glass for red wine above and at the center of them. Place a dessertspoon and fork above the dinner plate, in between the glasses and bread and butter plate. The fork’s tines point to the right, and the spoon’s bowl points to the left.

Silverware should align with the bottom rim of the plate. Begin eating the meal using the silverware on the outside left and right and working inwards as the meal progresses.

When serving soup, place a soup spoon to the right of the knives. Serve soup in a bowl on top of a dinner plate. When serving fish, provide a broad fork at the outer left and fish knife at the outer right. When serving salad, provide a salad fork to the left of the plate.

Clear the dinner plate, bread and butter plate, and wine glasses to serve dessert. Serve a small dessert plate and a coffee or teacup to the right of it.