How Do You Properly Install an Infant Car Seat?


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To install rear-facing infant car seats properly, it is important to put the seat base in the back seat of the car and ensure the seat belts are aligned correctly on the base before attaching the infant carrier. However, before installing an infant's car seat, parents should read the car seat instruction manual and any instructions given in the vehicle's manual on how to use its restraint seat belt system for a child, as noted by Safer Car.

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Reading through the instructions for the car seat and vehicle are necessary because different cars can have different car seat installation instructions. Installing an infant's car seat requires a meticulous procedure, which parents should follow to ensure their child's safety. There also are guidelines that specify the requirement for the use of a rear-facing car seat for children, such as up to the age of 2 or based on weight or height permitted for car seats.

  1. Install the infant car seat base
  2. Put the car base in the back seat of the vehicle, pass the car seat belt through the base's belt path. Make sure that the belt strap is not twisted, buckle the belt and then lock it.

  3. Check the car seat base for proper alignment
  4. Ensure that the base's installation is correct by pressing down on it and making sure that it is tight enough so that it does not move either sideways or back and forth more than 1 inch, as stated by Safer Car. Check that the recline angle of the car seat base is correct by looking at the angle indicator or adjuster that can come with car seats. Place the child seat/carrier in the seat base.

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