How Do You Properly Care for a Country Comfort Wood Stove?


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Care for a Country Comfort wood stove by regularly removing ashes, burning small fires when possible, only burning wood in the stove and having a licensed fireplace and stove inspector examine the stove at least once a year. Aside from regular maintenance, always check your wood stove and chimney for leaks, cracks or warped metal. These problems not only decrease heating efficiency, they can cause serious danger if left unattended.

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To keep your Country Comfort wood stove well-maintained, burn small fires only. Small fires burn much hotter than large fires, as they have a larger supply of oxygen available from the atmosphere. They therefore produce smaller amounts of creosote and other combustion residue in the chimney. Verify that you are not burning overly large fires by observing how much smoke comes from the chimney. If a large amount of thick, billowing smoke comes from the chimney, the fire is too large.

Use a stack thermometer to determine the size of your fire without going outside. This electronic device has a sensor near the top of the chimney that sends temperature information to a receiver inside the home. Try to keep the thermometer readings between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit when burning wood.

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