What Are the Proper Seasonal Fan Rotations?


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During the winter, ceiling fan blades should rotate clockwise. In the summer months, the blades should move counter-clockwise. Fans do not add or remove heat, but circulation makes rooms more comfortable.

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When blades rotate properly, they are able to shift air in ways that help save energy. When ceiling fan blades spin forward in the winter, they release warm air that is resting near the ceiling. The air is pushed down into the room, spreading the warmth. In warm weather, ceiling fans are useful for creating breezes that cool the skin. They work the same way that hand fans do.

When ceiling fans have more than one speed setting, homeowners should test them to see which moves air best. In the winter, a fan moves air up and then down the room's walls. When a fan is at the right speed, people are able to detect no air motion when they hold their hands under a fan. They should be able to feel only a little movement of air near the walls.

When a fan is on the correct speed for summer, an individual is able to feel the air moving under and around the fan. It should be more comfortable to sit in the fan's vicinity.

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