What Is the Proper Procedure for Removing Asbestos?


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To properly remove asbestos, seal the room with plastic sheeting and put on safety gear, including a respirator and a disposable body suit. Wet the material containing asbestos thoroughly, and remove it in whole pieces. Wrap the material in plastic sheeting, or place smaller pieces of the material in a lidded container. Place a label wrapped in another piece of plastic on the wrapped materials or containers. Dispose of the materials and all work gear in an approved landfill.

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Clean the room thoroughly after removing the materials. To clean the room, remove all dust and debris with a vacuum that features a HEPA filter, and clean the vacuum with water after using it. Wet the surfaces in the room with water, and wipe them clean several times to remove any remaining dust.

Dispose of the cleaning cloths with other asbestos-contaminated materials. Use 6-millimeter plastic sheeting to wrap the materials, or place the materials in a rigid container to prevent sharp edges from tearing through the plastic.

When disposing of clothing and safety gear used to clean the space, place the items in a 6-millimeter-thick plastic bag, label the bag, and place the bag in a second bag that is clearly labeled. Avoid removing broken or damaged asbestos-containing materials, as the damaged asbestos poses a health hazard. Instead, hire a professional to remove the materials.

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