How Do You Do Proper Firewood Stacking?


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Stack firewood on a level surface between two end stops. Keep the pile vertical by alternating the taper of the pieces of wood that keep the top of the stack level. With proper technique it is possible to create a stable 4-foot stack with room for air circulation to season the wood.

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Create vertical columns at either end of the woodpile by crisscrossing pieces of wood to form pillars. Use straight-grained pieces that taper as little as possible in these columns. Since these pieces are less common, sort through the pile for end pieces before you begin stacking. Other options for ends to the wood pile include two trees that are 13 to 16 feet apart or two-by-fours driven into the ground and tied together at the top.

As the wood seasons, the ground underneath sometimes settles from the weight or erodes due to rain. If the stack becomes unstable, set poles at an angle to keep it upright. Avoid stacking wood against a house or fence. The drying wood attracts insects and rodents that can cause damage over time.

Another good option is purchasing a wood rack. The rack provides the end stabilizers and a level surface that keeps the bottom of the stack off the ground.

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