How Do You Propegate Tuberous Begonia From Cuttings?


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The most effective way to propagate tuberous begonia is through root cuttings. The required supplies are pruning shears, scissors, a clay pot, a cork, vermiculite, a 10-inch plastic pot, tepid water, a clear plastic bag twine, potting soil and one small pot for each cutting. This process takes about 3 weeks.

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  1. Prepare the plastic pot

    Pour vermiculite into the 10-inch plastic pot until it's almost full.

  2. Embed the clay pot in the vermiculite

    Stick the cork in the drainage hole at the bottom of the clay pot. Set the vessel inside the plastic pot, and push it down until the bottom 3 inches are covered by vermiculite.

  3. Moisten both pots

    Sprinkle the vermiculite with water, and fill the clay pot to the brim.

  4. Snip the root cuttings

    Snip the root cuttings, and embed them in the moistened vermiculite.

  5. Cover the pots with plastic

    Place the cuttings and both pots in a large, clear plastic bag. Close the top with twine and place the bundle in a warm area with plenty of indirect light. Leave it there for 2 weeks. Periodically check the water level in the clay plot, and add more if needed.

  6. Open the bag

    After 2 weeks, loosen the top of the plastic bag. Open it a little more every day.

  7. Move the rooted cuttings to individual pots

    Add potting soil to one small pot per cutting. Gently remove the cuttings from the vermiculite, and transplant them into the prepared pots.

  8. Move the cuttings outside

    Set the potted cuttings outside during the day, but bring them in at night. After several days, transplant the cuttings into the ground.

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