Where Are Propane Stoves Sold?


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Propane stoves for camping and other outdoor activities can be found at Wal-Mart and online at Amazon, as of 2015. Kitchen propane stoves can be found at Sears and The Home Depot.

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If an individual is looking to purchase propane stoves for camping, a variety of different sizes and variations of propane stoves are available at Wal-Mart, as of 2015. There are some stoves that come with two or three burners, while some smaller stoves only have one burner. Amazon carries a large selection of propane stoves and accessories, as of 2015, including stoves that come with an outdoor oven.

If an individual is looking for kitchen propane stoves, The Home Depot has a varied selection. There are basic stoves that have four burners and a broiler drawer, while other stoves have six burners and four different cooking modes. Sears carries basic propane stoves and stainless steel propane stoves with double ovens. Prices range from $300 and up, as of 2015.

Propane is a clean and American-made affordable fuel. It's a gas that is normally compressed and stored as a liquid, and is commonly used for heating space and water, as fuel for engines and for cooking. It's nontoxic, colorless and almost odorless, as it does have an identifying odor so that it can be detected.

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