What Is Propane Piping?


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Propane service piping is the gas line that runs from the propane tank to the gas appliance, or the structure housing the appliance. Gas professionals may call propane piping the yard line, and its size, depth and material are subject to legal codes and standards.

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Copper is the most common piping for gas; however, plastic polyethylene piping is more resistant to environmental conditions. Either type is adequate for above-ground and underground use. Other materials used for propane piping include steel, aluminum, PVC and yellow brass.

Steel propane pipes are acceptable for above-ground use as long as environmental conditions do not cause excessive corrosion. Steel gas pipes are also acceptable in buildings. Aluminum pipes are not suitable for underground use, and they are unapproved in some jurisdictions. PVC pipes are only approved for underground delivery of gas outside of the building, and yellow brass is only recommended for indoor use in some jurisdictions.

Propane pipe regulations vary from state to state and district to district. While material requirements protect gas lines from corrosion, depth requirements protect underground gas lines from damage caused by vehicle traffic and environmental conditions. Pipe size requirements ensure that gas is being delivered in a safe and efficient manner and at the necessary pressure.

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