What Is Propane Gas Used For?

propane-gas-used Credit: LJM Photo / Design Pics/Getty Images

Propane gas is used to power grills, outdoor kitchens, space heaters, generators, fireplaces and clothes dryers, states the Propane Education and Research Council. It is also used as an alternative fuel source in vehicles and to power professional landscaping and agricultural equipment.

Propane-powered versions of many home appliances are available. Cooking with propane is often cheaper than cooking with electricity, and it offers better control over the temperature of a range or grill, according to Daniels Propane. Propane is not just for grills and ranges — propane convection ovens, griddles and deep fryers are also available. Propane clothes dryers are typically more efficient and less expensive to run than electric models, and they can dry clothing faster because they can reach high temperatures more easily than their counterparts.

In 2009, more than 1.2 billion gallons of propane were used for agricultural purposes in the United States, says the PERC. Propane lawn mowers are also widely available and frequently used by professional landscaping companies. Propane is gaining popularity as an alternative fuel source for vehicles. It is less expensive than gasoline, potentially results in fewer toxic emissions than gas or diesel and comes mostly from domestic sources, states the U.S. Department of Energy.