What Is a Propane Air Mixer?


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Propane air mixers are designed to allow air to enter a propane gas stream. This reduces the total amount of propane used in the system and allows a cleaner burn.

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In addition to reducing the amount of propane, air mixers also reduce the total quantity of soot produced. Reduction of soot increases the flame quality, so this product is often recommended for use in propane gas fireplaces and fire pits.

Many types of propane burners need an air mixer. This is primarily because of the amount of oxygen required for combustion. For natural gas, one cubic foot requires 10 cubic feet of oxygen, but one cubic foot of propane gas requires a total of 24 cubic feet of oxygen in order to ignite. Since the oxygen needs are higher for propane, an air mixer is required to ensure proper combustion. Failure to include a propane air mixer may cause an inability to complete ignition.

For propane burners, the air mixer is installed before the burner, after the valve. Not all propane systems require an air mixer, but using one increases flame quality. The device itself weighs approximately one pound. American Fire Glass is one company that manufactures propane air mixers.

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