How Do You Propagate Roses?

How Do You Propagate Roses?

To propagate roses from cuttings, remove stems from an existing plant, dip them in rooting hormone and place them in a potting mix for several weeks. Complete this process in the late summer or early fall.

  1. Prepare the pots

    Choose pots that are at least 2 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Fill each pot with a potting mixture that includes perlite, pine bark and sand. Water the soil before planting.

  2. Take cuttings

    Choose a straight stem from the current season's growth, and cut the stem to about 8 inches long. Strip the stem's bottom half of leaves and thorns, and leave the top leaves in place. Cut off the bud just below its base.

  3. Dip the cuttings

    Pour a powdered or liquid rooting hormone into a dish. Dip the end of each stem into the hormone, and tap off the excess.

  4. Plant the stems

    Use a pencil or your finger to create a small hole in each pot. Add one cutting to each hole, and press soil around the stem.

  5. Transplant the cuttings

    Cuttings usually need six to 10 weeks to produce new roots, and they are ready for transplanting when new growth appears at the tips. Transplant the established cuttings into larger containers or garden beds.