How Do You Propagate a Rabbiteye Blueberry?


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To propagate a rabbiteye blueberry, remove new growth from a healthy plant, and root the cutting in a sterile medium. This method of propagation is finished in spring and takes several weeks to complete. Sterile rooting medium, rooting hormone and cuttings from a healthy rabbiteye blueberry bush are needed.

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  1. Obtain a cutting from a healthy plant

    In early spring, locate new growth on a healthy rabbiteye blueberry plant, and remove the branch near the stem with a sharp knife. The cutting should be flexible and at least 5 inches long.

  2. Apply rooting hormone to the cutting

    Dip the cut end of the branch in rooting hormone. Refer to the instructions on the packaging to determine how to mix or use the hormone solution.

  3. Plant the cuttings

    Plant the cuttings in a small container filled with perlite and peat moss, and keep the soil moist until the plants have rooted. Most cuttings develop a root system within eight weeks.

  4. Transplant the blueberries after the roots have developed

    After eight weeks, transplant the blueberry cuttings into larger pots, and water the plants regularly using a mist system. Replant the rabbiteye blueberry bushes in a shady area of the garden the following spring.

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