How Do You Propagate a Mandevilla Plant?


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One method of propagating mandevilla is to cut 2- to 3- inch shoots from a healthy plant and pot the cuttings in sandy peat soil that is covered in plastic wrap. The process of rooting can take up to six weeks before the new plant is ready to transplant into the garden or a larger pot.

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  1. Obtain 2- to 3-inch cuttings

    Sanitize sharp scissors with rubbing alcohol prior to cutting. The cuttings should be taken from the tips of a healthy mandevilla plant. Wrap the cuttings in a wet paper towel.

  2. Dip the cuttings in rooting hormone

    Remove any leaves from the cut end of the plant, and dip the cut end into rooting hormone.

  3. Plant in sandy peat moss

    Mix 50 percent peat moss with 50 percent sand. Plant the cuttings in the mixture.

  4. Cover the cuttings with plastic wrap

    Increase the humidity available to the cuttings by tenting each plant with plastic wrap. Drape plastic wrap over small sticks or toothpicks that have been placed around the edge of the pot.

  5. Allow the cuttings four to six weeks to root

    Cuttings take approximately four to six weeks to develop a healthy root system. They can be transplanted after six weeks.

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