How Do You Propagate a Creeping Jenny?

How Do You Propagate a Creeping Jenny?

Propagating a creeping jenny takes approximately an hour and requires perlite, sand, sterile compost, shears, rooting hormone talc, a 2-gallon plastic bag, wooden skewers, a 4-inch square pot, a watering can and a spray bottle. Propagate in the spring once new growth appears.

  1. Water before propagating

    Water the creeping jenny the night before gathering cuttings. Water enough to moisten the soil to a 3-inch depth.

  2. Prepare the container

    Mix 2 parts perlite, 1 part sand and 1 part sterile compost in a 4-inch pot. Thoroughly water, allowing the pot to drain for 20 to 30 minutes.

  3. Cut the stem

    Select a young, pliable stem. Measure 1/8 inch down from a pair of leaves that are 2 to 5 inches from the tip of the plant, and make a cut with the shears.

  4. Apply rooting hormone

    Remove all the leaves on the bottom half of the cutting. Apply rooting hormone to the cut end, tapping off the excess.

  5. Pot the cutting and check for growth

    Plant the cutting in the perlite mixture, leaving half of the cutting above the surface. Water the cutting. Arrange wooden skewers around the edge of the pot. Drape a plastic bag over the pot, bracing with the skewers so the bag does not touch the plant. Seal and cut a slit in the bag to allow moisture to escape. Place in indirect sunlight, and transplant when rooted.