How Do You Propagate Anthuriums?


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Anthuriums can be propagated by seed, layering or cuttings. To propagate with cuttings, the gardener snips off the top crown of the stem with leaves attached. The stem is then placed into another pot.

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The part of the stem left with the parent plant then grows plantlets. These plantlets can also be cut off and planted after they have developed their own roots. The plantlets are often tangled together, and if the gardener carefully uses a knife, they can harmlessly separate them into multiple plantlets. Two or three of the plantlets are then placed in a pot filled with a rich, sandy loam. The gardener should water them deeply and place them in an area away from direct light. The plantlets can also be placed directly into the ground.

The gardener can also grow the plant from seeds, though this is challenging. One reason is because the gardener must store the pollen in a freezer because the male and female parts of the plant do not mature at the same time. Then, when the female flower is fertilized, it takes about a year for a seed to develop.

Air layering propagates the plant by allowing the stems to root while they're still on the parent plant. The gardener notches the stem, applies a bit of rooting hormone, then wraps damp sphagnum moss around the notch, and then wraps the moss in plastic wrap. Roots grow into the moss, and eventually the stem is cut off and planted.

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