What Are the Best Projects to Create With a Dovetail Jig?


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Dovetail jigs create a strong joint between two pieces of wood, making them ideal for constructing drawers, boxes and other projects that require stable and secure joints. Dovetail joints are made from a series of tails and pins, which create a joint that is difficult to take apart from one direction and impossible from the other, so the joint is able to stay together without glue, nails or any other support.

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Dovetail joints are ideal for projects that require the two pieces of wood to be constructed as surface-to-surface with the grain on both pieces running in the same direction. There are three different types of dovetails, which are used for different projects: full dovetails, half-blind dovetails and full-blind dovetails.

Also known as through dovetails, full dovetails are a type of joint that is strong and regarded as beautiful, so it is commonly used to create chests, boxes and cases. Half-blind dovetails are most commonly used to construct drawers to attach the face to the sides. Full-blind dovetails are also known as secret dovetails, and it creates a hidden dovetail joint once the pieces are assembled. Because the beauty of the joints is hidden, this type of dovetail is rarely used.

Dovetail joints can be created by-hand or through the use of a dovetail jig, and these joints work well for a large variety of woodworking projects.

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