What Are Some Project Ideas for Used Wood Pallets?


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Project ideas for used pallets include constructing a movable table, a living room table, a platform bed or a a swing chair. Most of these ideas involve a minimal amount of alterations to the pallet, which make them easy to construct and implement.

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Construct a movable pallet table by adding a set of wheels to a pallet. Make the table higher by stacking pallets on top of one another. Make a living room table in the same way as the movable table, just without the wheels. Paint the pallets to match the design of the living room. The table is also adaptable; if the design of the room changes, just sand the paint away and apply a different coat.

Make a platform out of relatively undamaged pallets, as long as you sand them down and paint them. A swing chair that is suspended by lengths of rope is another great pallet idea; just make sure that the rope supports are strong enough to hold the weight of the pallet.

It is best to wash the pallets with warm water and bleach before using them in any sort of creative project. Many pallets are loaded with items that could carry bacteria, so it is best to avoid using pallets with food-related items.

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