What Is a Programmable Lockable Thermostat?


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A programmable lockable thermostat allows the user to set a specific schedule for temperature settings in a particular space and then lock those preferences so others cannot change that program. Many people choose these thermostats to maximize efficiency while preserving a comfortable living environment.

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One of the most sought-after characteristics in a programmable thermostat is efficient temperature control. Units that support multistage heating and cooling choose the most energy-efficient option to achieve a desired outcome. Choosing the right temperature swing—the spectrum of temperatures in which the heating and cooling system does not come on—provides a combination of comfort and efficiency.

Another area in which programmable thermostats offer efficiency is in the fan controls. If a fan is programmable, it is possible to set the system so the blower continues to run even though the compressor turns off. This continues to send cooler air through the living space and draws fresh air inside the dwelling, rather than losing the benefit of the cold air by leaving it in the ductwork. The keypad lock means that if someone wants to change the program for the thermostat, he must know the code. This keeps unwanted changes to temperature and program parameters from taking place.

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