How Do You Program a Wintair Air Conditioner?


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Programming a Wintair air conditioner depends on the specific model. They can have mechanical controls, in which programming is done by adjusting a pair of knobs, or electrical controls, which has buttons and a display.

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When programming a Wintair air conditioner with a mechanical control set, first adjust the left knob to the desired setting. The settings for the fan circulate air without cooling it. The settings for cool circulate the air while also cooling it. Temperature can be set with the thermostat knob on the right. An easy way to know how to set the thermostat is to turn it up as high as it goes until the room reaches a comfortable temperature, then turn it back down slowly until it is no longer running.

The electrical controls operate similarly, minus the use of knobs. The arrows on the control panel, next to the display, adjust the thermostat, which is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit. The Fan Speed button cycles through Low, Medium, High and Auto, and the Mode button cycles through Cooling, Fan Only, and Energy-Saving. The mechanisms for Cooling and Energy-Saving are different depending on the fan setting; if fan speed is not set to Auto, the room will continue to cool even after it has hit the desired temperature. The timer can be used to automatically turn the air conditioner on or off. When the machine is off, the timer can be used to set a time for it to turn on, and vice versa.

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