How Do You Program a UniMac Washing Machine?


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To program a UniMac front load washing machine, first switch it on, then adjust the settings using the digital pad buttons for the required load. There are settings for heavy duty, eco washes, perm presses and delicates, as well as settings for plain rinse and spins, or just spinning.

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UniMac sells a wide variety of commercial washing machines, the kind usually found at Laundromats or public laundry rooms. These large models are built with programmable digital pads that display the remaining time with a digital display. Some of the washing machines sold by UniMac are very large and could never feasibly fit in a home laundry room.

UniMac washing machines are built with pre-programmed functions in order to minimize the amount of programming needed. Once the machine is properly hooked up to electricity and water, models such as the UniMac front load washing machine only need to be turned on by pressing the power button. Once the machine is activated, the machine is free to be programmed for whichever load is needed.

Heavy-duty washing machines created by UniMac, such as their industrial washer, are built with programmable displays. These displays have menus that must be navigated in order to program or use the devices, using the navigation button controls on the display.

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