How Do You Program a Totaline Thermostat?

Programming a Totaline thermostat involves choosing temperature settings for various times of the day and days of the week. Depending on the particular model, the available setting options are a 5-day/2-day program or a 7-day programs with two to four time periods to set for each day.

To start programming, press the Program button followed by the Mode button to set the temperatures. The particular time period, such as Occupied or Evening, appears on the display along with the Cool or Heat setting. Use the up and down arrow buttons to set the air conditioner temperature for the particular setting, then press the Mode button to access and set the heater temperature. Once done, press the Mode button again to access a different time period and follow the same steps to set the heater and air conditioner temperatures.

Next, adjust the timings to determine when each period starts and ends. Ensure the time period is displayed on the screen, and then use arrow buttons to choose the days that you want the program to run, pressing Mode to return. Use the arrow buttons to set the start and finish times for each time period.

The last step is to turn the program On to confirm that the thermostat runs using the program you have set. Choose Off if you want the thermostat to run on Auto mode.