How Do You Program a Ritetemp 6036 Thermostat?


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Program a Ritetemp 6036 thermostat on the touch screen by going to the program screen and setting the desired temperature for four different time slots for each day of the week using a finger or the stylus. When finished, touch the home icon to automatically save the changes.

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To commence programming heating or cooling functions, press "heat" or "cool" on the mode switch on the home screen. Then, select "program" to reach the programming screen. Select the day of the week, time slot and time of day to program. Press the up or down temperature arrows to arrive at the desired temperature. Move to the next day and time slot, and repeat the procedure. If you finish programming a full day and want the same program for another day, press "copy," select the day you want copied and select the destination for the copy. To review a programming schedule, press "review," and watch each programmed time slot display for three seconds.

To manually override programmed temperatures, touch the current temperature display on the home screen. Press the up or down temperature arrows to select the target temperature. Then, press "home." The temporary override continues until the next programmed time slot. Press "hold" after selecting the target temperature to cause the temperature to remain steady until you return and manually remove the override.

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