How Do You Program a Newly Installed Rodgers Thermostat?


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Programming a newly installed Rodgers thermostat involves setting timings and temperatures for four different time periods: when you wake up, daytime, evening and night. You also have the option to set up a different schedule for weekdays and weekends.

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The first step is to adjust the clock to the current time and day. Slide the system button to off, and then press the time button. Use the up and down buttons to regulate the hour and ensure it is correctly set to a.m. or p.m.. Press the time button again to adjust the minutes and to select the day of the week, then press the run button when done.

After this, choose the system you want to program by sliding the system button to either cool or heat. Next, press the program button, which displays weekdays, time and temperature on the screen. Use the up and down buttons to set your desired temperature for the chosen system. Press the time button to adjust the time in 15-minute intervals for the wake time period. Once done, press the program button, and follow the same process to program the three remaining time periods. Press the program button, and follow the same steps to set up the weekend schedule. Push the run button when finished, and repeat the entire procedure for the second system.

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