How Do You Program an Intermatic EJ600 Timer?

To program an Intermatic EJ600 timer, clear existing programming, set the calendar information, set the time of day and set an on/off program. There are a variety of ways to set an on/off program, but the sunset on and specific time off program is the most used.

To clear existing programming, press and hold the RESET and NEXT buttons. Release RESET and when the screen initializes, release NEXT.

To set the calendar information, press the MODE button an toggle the date to set the current date. Press NEXT and set the Daylight Savings Time correctly, as well as the zone for the timer to track sunrise and sunset times. Finally, press NEXT and set the exact sunrise and sunset times, if needed.

To set the time of day, press the MODE button and scroll to clock and time. Toggle the hour and minute, and make sure a.m. and p.m. are set correctly.

To set the sunset on and specific time off program, press the MODE button and scroll to PGM ON. Press NEXT, and then press DAY to scroll to SNST. Select the days for the program to be activated and NEXT to scroll to PGM OFF. Press Day, and select the days for the OFF program. Toggle the specific hour and minute the program is to turn off. If another program needs to be set, repeat this procedure; otherwise, press MODE to exit.