How do you program a Hunter thermostat?


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To program a Hunter thermostat, you need to set timings and temperatures for three different time periods. You also have the option to adjust the time periods settings for different days of the week.

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The first step is to press the Schedule button and turn it on by pressing the plus or minus buttons on the side of the screen. The On sign on the screen display flashes to indicate when schedule mode is on.

After this, press the Next button which displays the weekdays flashing on the screen. Use the plus and minus buttons to select a different day or day range, otherwise press Next to set up a schedule for the selected days. For each day, you can schedule three time periods: away, asleep or at home. For each time period, use the plus and minus buttons to set the start time followed by Next to set the end time.

Press Next to set the heating and cooling temperatures for each time period. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the heat and cool temperatures cycles. The screen will flash Updated and return to the Day select display when you complete programming the timings and temperatures for the current day selection. Press Next to schedule the remaining days and follow the same steps, then press Done when finished.

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