How Do You Program a Hunter 44110 Thermostat?


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To program a Hunter 44110 thermostat for personal temperature settings instead of preset factory settings, use the program and up/down arrow buttons. To properly set the day and time, use the day/time button and up/down arrow buttons.

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The Hunter 44110 thermostat has four programmable times for weekdays and four programmable times for weekends. A default schedule in which all seven days of the week are identical is preprogrammed into the thermostat. To modify the default schedule for personal comfort and convenience, first move the system switch to the heat or cool position, then press the program button to initiate program mode. When the hour and AM/PM indicator flash, press the up or down arrow to select the hour you want to program, then press Program. When the minute indicator flashes, press the up or down arrow and press Program to fix the minute, and when the temperature indicator flashes, press the up or down arrow and press Program to select the desired temperature.

Press Program again to move to the next programmable time, and repeat the procedure. Set the desired hour, minute and temperature for each of the eight programmable time modes for weekdays and weekends. To review the program settings, press Program repeatedly. Stop anywhere to make changes to the settings.

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