How Do You Program a Comfort Thermostat?


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To program the Home temperature settings for a Comfort thermostat, first open the panel, and then adjust the temperature with the buttons on the upper right. Once the desired temperature is selected, press and hold the Home button to save that temperature for that setting.

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The range must be adjusted for each setting in a Comfort thermostat. When adjusting the temperature for the cool range, press the Mode button on the upper left of the control panel, and adjust the temperature. When you have found the desired temperature, press the Home button for three seconds, waiting for it to flash. This indicates that the setting has been saved in the thermostat.

Comfort thermostats have four periods that are used for determining which setting is to be used at a specific time of day. Using the control button panels, choose the days that the schedule should account for, whether weekdays, weekends or all week. Select the all week option if all days need to receive the same amount of heat.

Once the week schedule is set, select the period to be adjusted using the period button. After the correct period is set, press the start time button on the thermostat to bring up the starting time for that period, and adjust it in the same way as the temperature.

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