How Do You Program the Clock on a Westbend Microwave?


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Use the control panel on a Westbend microwave to program the clock by pressing Clock and then the appropriate numbers. The control panel also enables programming of other functions, such as the kitchen timer, defrosting, cooking, multi-stage cooking and specialty cooking.

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To program the current time into the clock on a Westbend microwave, push the Clock button in the center of the control panel. When the digital display shows "00:00," push the appropriate four numbers to designate the hours and minutes within a 12 hour setting. After inputting the data, push Clock again, and the correct time flashes once and remains lit. If Clock is not pushed within one minute of inputting the time, the clock reverts back to the blank digital display. If this occurs, repeat the programming procedure.

Use the control panel in a similar way to program other microwave functions. For instance, to program cooking time, press Time Cook, push the number keys to input cooking time to a maximum of 99 minutes and 99 seconds, press Power to input the percentage of microwave power needed for the cooking, and press Start to initiate the cooking. Other buttons allow the programming of special cooking functions such as popcorn, frozen vegetables, potatoes, pizza and beverages.

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