How Do You Program a Clicker Garage Opener?


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To program a clicker garage opener, start by finding the unit's Learn button and make a note of the color. Assign a specific number to the color; Garage Door Info states that red or orange buttons correspond to number 2, purple to number 3 and green to number 4.

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Once done, create an easy to remember, four-digit number that is not obvious to anyone else; Garage Door Info suggests avoiding digits from the house number, for example. Start the programming sequence by holding the ' and # keys down at the same time until the keypad flashes, and release the keys when the flashing stops. Continue by entering the four-digit number and press the # key, enter the number that corresponds to the Learn key color, and press the # key again. Go to the opener unit and press the Learn button. Return to the keypad and re-enter the four-digit number followed by the 0 key. Wait until the lights on the keypad go off and then test the programming by entering the four-digit number followed by 0. If the garage door opens, the programming is complete. If it does not, retrace the steps from the beginning and ensure the right color correspondence is used for the learn key.

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