How Does Professional Shower Cleaning Work?


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Though specific processes vary between companies, most professional shower cleanings involve a process that heats up tiles and the surrounding grout so that the cleaning solution is able to dislodge and remove the debris. Some services also use high-pressure water sprayers or vacuum systems to provide extra cleaning power and quickly remove the dirt.

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Most shower interiors consist of ceramic tiles, which are porous and thus trap dirt, dead skin and other debris over time. Similarly, the tiles are often held in place using a substance known as grout, which bonds the tile to the wall and adds spacing between each tile but also traps dirt and may harbor mildew. As many home cleaning products are not able to penetrate deeply enough into the tiles and grout to clean them, professional shower cleaning involve a stronger process that usually includes hot water.

The high temperate of the water, typically combined with pressure, helps to break down the dirt and loosen it from the tile pores. Most professional shower cleaners also use a special cleaning solution that also disintegrates the dirt and kills mold growing in the space. Some cleaners wash the dirty water down the shower drain, using repeat sprays to ensure a full clean, while others use vacuum systems to suck up the water and prevent cross-contamination.

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