Is a Professional Required to Repair Ceramic Floor Tile?


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A professional is not required to repair ceramic floor tile; individuals who are comfortable using an electric drill and laying fresh tile can repair ceramic floor tile by removing the old tile and laying new tile. If an exact tile match is not available, a similar pattern is permissible.

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A few steps are required to fix ceramic floor tile.

  1. Remove the old tile
  2. An electric drill with a quarter-inch drill bit should be used to drill diagonal holes across the tile. A chisel and ball peen hammer are then used to split the tiles to remove them.

  3. Prepare the floor for the new tile
  4. A scraper should be used to remove any old glue or grout that is present.

  5. Lay the new tile
  6. The new tile is laid using a thick, even layer of adhesive. Once it is in place, grout is applied to the cracks between the tile.

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