What Are Some Professional Paint Rollers?


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Professional paint roller covers by Pro Roller Co. include Pro Painter, Dripless, Mohair, Deluxe Lambskin, Microfiber and several other models. The website also offers several types of roller frames that users must buy separately. Purdy is a manufacturer of professional painting tools. It carries a wide selection of paint rollers, such as Marathon, Golden Eagle, Ultra Finish and White Dove. On the manufacturer's website, customers can filter paint rollers by paint finish and type, roller material and surface material.

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Pro Roller Co. offers all of its models of paint rollers in different sizes. Customers can also purchase packages with several rollers in it. The description of each roller includes its material, sizes available, types of paints that are suitable for the roller and the type of core in the roller.

For each type of paint roller, Purdy provides information about the type and finish of paint that customers can apply with it and information about the material of the roller. For example, customers can use Purdy White Dove for applying oil- and latex-based paints, as well as semi-transparent stains and water-based urethanes. Made of woven dralon fabric, this roller is suitable for very smooth to semi-tough surfaces. Visitors can read reviews for each product and post their own opinions. Customers can purchase roller covers separately, paint roller systems and packages with several paint rollers in them.

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