Does a Professional Need to Look at a Maytag Microwave That Is Not Heating?


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A factory-certified professional needs to repair a Maytag microwave’s inner workings when it is not heating, states the Maytag website. Maytag microwave owners with technical knowledge can contact certified technicians at the Maytag website, and utilize sites such as ApplianceVideo.com for do-it-yourself diagnostic and repair assistance with video links.

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Common conditions that cause the microwave to not heat include defects in the door switch, circuit board, transformer and capacitor, says RepairClinic. Other possible malfunctions are a blown thermal fuse, burned-out magnetron tube, bad diode and tripped thermoprotector. High-voltage parts and some wires near the capacitor and transformer are extremely dangerous, more so than the voltage from a wall outlet.

Simple troubleshooting can verify that the microwave has an actual heating problem. Owners can test for consistency in the microwave’s heating power by trying to warm a cup of water on full power for one minute, repeating this operation a few times.

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